Leasing vs Financing with Zeigler Hyundai of Racine

Leasing vs Financing

Are you looking for more information on new Hyundai and used car buying options? Learn more about the benefits leasing and financing have to offer with Zeigler Hyundai of Racine. Our expert auto financing team is eager to help you with the option that best fits your lifestyle and budget.  Financing options with our Hyundai dealership provide Racine and Kenosha drivers competitive financing rates, fast approvals for all credit types, and terms that work for you.

Our team will make sure you get the best deal possible no matter if you decide to lease or finance your next car. We'll walk you through all the latest incentives and special offers to help you unlock competitive savings on a new Hyundai model.

Hyundai Leasing

Do you enjoy getting a new car every few years? Do you want all of the latest technology? Leasing may be perfect for you. Leasing lets you enjoy all the benefits of a new car without the long-term commitment or large upfront down payment. Leasing also provides you with warranty coverage for the duration of your lease term. Don't worry about selling, trading in your ride, or your car depreciation. Explore all our latest lease offers on the award-winning Hyundai model lineup.

Leasing Benefits

  • You are only paying for the vehicle's depreciation over the lease term instead of the entire value of the car. This allows you to enjoy lower monthly payments.
  • Leases require less of a down payment than if you were financing a new Hyundai. Many leases also offer $0 down specials.
  • Leases run for only 24 to 48 months so you get to enjoy a new car every couple of years. Experience the latest Hyundai features in technology, design, and performance with only short-term commitments in leases.
  • Leases are covered under the general warranty so you are covered with new vehicle peace of mind and benefits to cover major services and repairs.
  • You have multiple lease-end options including keeping your leased vehicle for the predetermined price, returning your leased vehicle and walking away, or turning in your leased vehicle for a new Hyundai.

Leasing Disadvantages

  • Leasing terms include mileage restrictions. You could face end of lease charges if you go over the agreed upon mileage terms. Your typical mileage limits are 10,000 to 12,000 miles per year.
  • You may be charged excessive wear-and-tear fees if damage is found at your lease return.
  • No modifications or accessories are allowed with leased vehicles.

Hyundai Lease-End Options

We're here to help you make an educated car buying decision. Know your lease-end options. decide how much you love your current Hyundai, then, decide what's next.

  1. Lease a New Hyundai: Take a test drive, check out offers, and arrange the turn-in of your current vehicle.
  2. Purchase Current Hyundai: If you want to purchase the Hyundai you've grown to love, contact us to request a payoff quote.
  3. Lease Turn-in: Use our checklist to get ready for turn-in and complete our vehicle turn-in form. After you return your Hyundai, you can walk away. Use our checklist to get ready for turn-in, and complete our vehicle turn-in form after a return.

Hyundai Financing

If you are looking to invest in your future or need a road trip companion for years to come, financing is a great way to purchase an asset and raise your credit. When you finance, you're borrowing money with the commitment to pay it off over a certain amount of time. Once you're done paying off your Hyundai, you officially own it. Financing a Hyundai offers the opportunity to resell, refinance, and personalize your ride.

Financing Benefits

  • After your auto loan is paid, you own your Hyundai and no longer have any monthly payments. Additionally, you have the ability to sell or trade it in for the next car you purchase.
  • Financing does not have mileage restrictions so you can drive your Hyundai as much as you like, wherever you like.
  • You can customize and modify your Hyundai to your personal preferences and driving lifestyle including new audio systems, interior lighting upgrades, and more!
  • With Zeigler Hyundai of Racine, you have multiple lender options. We provide you with the best financing options for your credit.
  • You will save money over the long-term with financing as you will eventually no longer have monthly payments.


Financing Disadvantages

  • Financing involves higher monthly payments and down payment requirements at the time of purchase.
  • You may experience higher repair costs as you are responsible for all services, repairs, and bodywork as the warranty expires.
  • Your new Hyundai's value drops as soon as you drive it home from our dealership in Racine. With financing, you face vehicle depreciation and potentially owing more than your car is worth down the road.

Leasing vs Financing FAQ

Financing allows you to borrow money to buy your Hyundai whereas with leasing you don’t own it but rather rent it for 2-3 years.

  • You have an asset once paid off
  • No mileage limitations
  • Long-term savings
  • Ability to sell and trade-in once paid off
  • Higher monthly payments
  • Higher down payment
  • Higher repair costs
  • Vehicle depreciation

Leasing affords you more financial freedom and less of a commitment. Leases also come equipped with warranty coverage, the latest technology, offer loyalty incentives, and save you money short-term.

  • Mileage limitations
  • No customizations
  • You do not own the car at the end of your lease
  1. Lease a new Hyundai
  2. Purchase a new Hyundai
  3. Purchase your currently leased Hyundai
  4. Return your currently leases Hyundai and walk away
  1. Scheduling your inspection
  2. Review and make possible repairs
  3. Make an appointment at a dealer
  4. Complete a federal odometer/lease termination statement
  5. Pay any lease liability fees/charges
  6. Pay any additional charges

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